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A very controversial term, a category of preparations if you will, steroids, comes back to the fore, on the occasion of our discussion about one of them, Clenbuterol, which, although it does not could not be described as pure steroid, presents a series of actions similar to them.

Let’s first give some information about steroids and their categories, which will help us better understand what we will mention below.

These are chemicals, which are often hormones that are produced quite naturally by the human body.

The two major categories of steroids are corticosteroids and anabolic androgenic steroids (in short, anabolic).

Corticosteroids are medications that fight inflammation in the body, slowing or stopping the processes that trigger inflammation.

They provide important help in the treatment of symptoms

  • Eczema (and other forms of skin diseases)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
  • Autoimmune disorders

Or even allergic reactions.

They are taken in different forms such as pills, injections, creams, nasal sprays, etc.

Their side effects usually depend on their dosage and duration.

Because they disable the immune system you can more easily become infected with infections.

Long-term use leads to serious side effects such as osteoporosis, risk of diabetes, eye problems, muscle weakness, etc. On the other side also in the second category we have as we mentioned the anabolic ones.

They are nothing more than testosterone variants created by humans and are taken either by mouth or by local injection to the muscles to strengthen them.

They can be prescribed by doctors quite legally if your body does not produce enough testosterone, or to individuals who have lost muscle mass because of serious diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. And here we come to the heart of the subject of the present situation. The performance and effectiveness of the muscle drive of the Anabolic muscles led to abuse and misuse. Their side effects are serious and in many cases fatal.

Anabolics can create a bad form of acne as well as water retention. Their long-term use stops the testosterone production of the human body. The result in men is smaller testes, a smaller amount of spermatozoa, while in women we can observe hair loss of male form, facial hair, change of dates of the period, etc. The effects that are observed after long-term use and especially at high doses are undoubtedly important and critical.

Particularly serious damage is observed in the liver, kidneys and heart. Severe water retention can cause swelling of the heart and syncope. An increase in bad cholesterol can also be observed with a risk of heart attacks and strokes at any age.

Finally the sudden stop of their catch can create even bigger problems. As a conclusion to this brief review we can say that everyone is well aware of why these pills, or so-called anabolic steroids, have been classified as illegal and considered illegal substances. And with this useful update, let’s get to know a bit more about a steroid-like chemical that, at the time of its creation, was intended to treat asthma in horses. Clenbuterol.

Generally Clenbuterol, being a very potent bronchodilator, has been widely used in the treatment of respiratory disorders, but has never been recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In some countries in Europe and America it has been recognized as a medicine for the treatment of asthma in humans. Many speculations about his non-recognition, but he is recognized in many other countries. Apart from its therapeutic property in respiratory disorders it is also commonly used as a thermogenic. But it remains a controversial and controversial drug mainly because of its widespread use in the bodybuilding process and weight loss programs.

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What exactly is Clenbuterol and How does it work? 

It is a powerful stimulant that increases metabolic rate and fat burning. It was first created and introduced as animal medicine in 1970 for treatment as we said animal respiratory disorders.     

Its insoluble action relaxes the muscles around the airways and thus facilitates the respiratory function. 

It has been used and is still used in many countries as an obstruction of the nasal cavity, but without much success and is therefore replaced by other more effective and safe drugs. 

clenbuterol transformation

Now, of course, a completely normal question comes to our mind. 

How a drug that was used in horses and animals in general, how it turned out to be one of the most popular supplements for the cutting process, as it is called, in bodybuilding ? 

The explanation is simple. Clenbuterol binds to the same receptors that respond to adrenaline in your body, with one major difference being that Clenbuterol produces much greater results, including the process of burning fat. 

An additional action of Clenbuterol is the fact that it also binds to muscle cells and stimulates muscle protein synthesis which, as we know, plays a very important role in maintaining or even increasing muscle mass.

Why is Clenbuterol used and how does it work? 

Both the user results and the clinical studies that have been conducted show that Clenbuterol stimulates the heart and the central nervous system.

It has the same effects as epinephrine and amphetamines. 

The increase in epinephrine gives us a series of results such as:

  • Rapid fat burning    
  • Nervousness   
  • Increased energy levels    
  • Greater self-confidence    
  • Irritability 

The use of Clenbuterol as we mentioned at the beginning of this article was limited to using it as an asthma medicine.     

However because of the Extremely fast burning of fat it is used by bodybuilders and other athletes, but also by people who are following a weight loss procedure as a supplement to this process. 

Its use by athletes is mainly to increase their performance but also to eliminate body fat while maintaining muscle mass.


People taking Clenbuterol follow a procedure of taking and resting. These periods can be two days of taking Clenbuterol and two days of rest, or one week of taking and one week of rest. 

Clenbuterol is taken with injections or pills. Both forms carry risks. The injection method can cause the user to feel phobias or air bubbles in the blood, while the pills can affect the liver.

Clenbuterol can cause problems in your heart, sleep, and deplete potassium stores.

This finding is also the question that most people usually do.

If this causes heart problems?

And unfortunately the answer is YES. 

The action of a powerful stimulant like Clenbuterol creates high blood pressure values ​​for prolonged time, which can create a lot of risks such as ventricular hypertrophy, ie creating a thicker wall of the chamber left cardiac with ancillary cardiac abnormalities, arrhythmias etc. 

One more serious negative side effect is directly associated with its strong property as a stimulant. Because it stays in our blood longer than the equivalent of caffeine or ephedrine can cause abnormalities in the normal course of sleep. 

Research has shown that the body can lose large amounts of potassium. This could be something that would not worry you if we did not know that potassium plays an important role in muscle contraction and heart function.

Is it legal Clenbuterol? 

Yes. Its purchase, sale and possession are not illegal in the United States and many other countries. The opposite view is created by a ban on joining the list of supplements for bodybuilding. 

It is possible to buy it online and this may be the only way to obtain this substance. 

Although it is not a substance under the control of the United States, people who buy the substance online violate the law.

Clenbuterol will surely help you in the process of weight loss with faster fat loss. 

This will probably not help you increase your muscle mass but will still help you maintain the existing muscle mass.     

The increase in metabolic rate that you get with its use is not so important, it says it’s about 10%. But on the other side there is the property of a very strong stimulant with all the negatives that this action can cause.     

In the negative points of the whole situation of Clenbuterol is added the existence of dopamine in its composition, which is directly related to dependence. So Clenbuterol can cause addiction. And of course among all that has been previously mentioned the most serious is reflected in the dangers it can cause to your heart.

My own recommendation is: 

Forget the supposedly terrible benefits of Clenbuterol and look with clear eyes for the very important side effects and addiction it can cause you. 

We recall once again that its continued use, as well as the attention that must be given to the dosage followed by each individual. High doses cause very serious and fatal problems, irreversible most of the time. 

For these reasons     

STAY AWAY FROM Clenbuterol 

Look below what we offer

OUR OWN Review – CLENBUTROL Risks and side effects of Clenbuterol led a leading pioneer in the field of supplements, CrazyBulk, to the creation of an equivalent product, Clenbutrol.

Clenbutrol is a bronchoconstrictor, which acts as a thermogenic agent and increases body temperature. This fact in turn improves the metabolic rate of the individual. It is a purely natural product and, of course, does so with only natural ingredients in its composition it presents no danger or negative side effect.

Let’s go watch some of the benefits offered by Clenbutrol

  • Increased blood flow to muscle tissue    
  • Improvement of muscle tissue maintenance    
  • Strong action on the combustion (dissolution) of fat    
  • Improved stamina    
  • Absolutely safe and legal    
  • No prescription required, no injection

By being based on the positive feedback that Clenbutrol has received so far, we would advise the reader to test it.

It can be used safely by men and women.

It is a fact that he gains fat in a very short time while providing better muscle mass. The new body that is in shape is as we would say lean.     

Of course weight loss is a natural consequence after the fat dissolves. The product is considered safe (besides it contains only natural products) and is also legal. In reporting a few last words about Clenbutrol we say that,

It increases the oxygen flow, thus giving your cardiovascular performance an extra boost, preparing your muscles for a longer duration of exercise and certainly a more guaranteed result in their training. What makes this supplement a powerful fat soluble is its ability to burn fat while reducing muscle loss.     

Since Clenbuterol does not affect the hormonal system of your body, it can even be used by women. This fact is also reinforced by the fact that it does not have strong side effects. The side effects observed to date are only temporary and disappear over a period of a few days. So think a little more. We mentioned Clenbutrol with all the side effects and risks that you may encounter with certain benefits, such as increasing the metabolic rate that exceeds 10%. And you also have potential problems with the law on the use of banned substances.

And our suggestion for Clenbutrol comes, a completely natural complement with the same actions as Clenbuterol and no side effects. And indeed guaranteed by a leading company in the field of food supplements. Would it be a shame to create problems yourself while trying to solve another fundamental problem, that of your weight?


Crazy Bulk D-BAL: Full Review (UPDATE 2018)

dbal - dianabol

D-BAL (Crazybulk) Safe and legal alternative to Dianabol (Dbol)

In this evaluation we will try to mention these parameters, what is the influence they receive from various factors and finally how we can move safely and safely that could threaten our body and ourselves.

It is well known that most people who desire muscle development and even in a short period of time. It is impossible without outside help.

The situation is even more complicated when we know that so-called steroids can offer the corresponding results of rapid muscle development.

And here’s the reason we say there is complication. Steroids are able to achieve similar results but at a very high cost.

D-Bal official website

What is it? But the proper functioning of our body and the assurance that no dangerous incidents that will affect our health in general will be caused.

And so what are we doing? Are we giving up? Or we follow the tactics that some people have applied or apply, thinking that it will not be serious and eventually they have paid their naivety with their own lives.

Steroids besides they are classified as illegal, besides it is very difficult to find them and buy them at a price often overwhelming, we could say that they do not joke.

Why then have any implication either with the law, or with your precious health and instead of ensuring a well-rounded athletic body, to finish with irreversible damage for which even if you regret and you admit that you were wrong, unfortunately, nothing do not change. It’s already too late.

crazybulk dbal user 2018

All these difficult situations and the uncertain development of your physical condition, have just been solved by a product that has similar results to the corresponding steroids, with absolutely no side effects, as it is quite natural with 100% natural ingredients.

So the focus today will be on one of Crazy Bulk’s most popular products, D-Bal.

About the company we must not mention anything more since for many years it has the reputation of the company that offers safe and natural sports supplements and it even has the leading role in this area as also in this case there with the really amazing product, D-bal.

D-bal is the alternative offered by Crazy Bulk to the known anabolic steroid Dianabol, or Dbol.

The steroid Dianabol known for many years achieves remarkable results in a short time. But the huge problem he creates is the creation of side effects that threaten our health and sometimes even our lives.

In addition its treatment by the thousands of users have put it in the first category of alternative products that offer similar results with the corresponding steroids safely and without side effects.

Where to buy?

“D-Bal is only available From Their Official website Crazy Bulk Here

D-Bal – A General Overview

D-Bal is the commercial name of the alternative supplement corresponding to the famous Dianabol or DBol.

It is an androgenic anabolic, without the side effects of the steroid Dianabol, which offers an increase in your stamina, while increasing your muscle mass naturally.

The hormone Methantrostenolone that is presented in the steroid Dianabol inhibits protein synthesis and glycogenolysis, two processes that are ultimately the ones that help increase the strength and the greater protein composition to achieve swelling of the protein. muscular mass.

Generally an addition like D-Bal offers:

  • Improved metabolic capacity
  • Increased recovery capacity
  • Increased muscle mass growth
  • Improved endurance levels

What exactly D-Bal – How it works

D-Bal, is manufactured and marketed by the company Crazy Bulk, known for its sports supplements of the highest quality.

Unlike common steroids that are administered orally, D-bal is a non-steroid alternative to Methantrostenolone, presenting the same sound results with no side effects.

This supplement activates your body with an anabolic environment, thus causing increased nitrogen retention in the muscles.

The result of this situation is the improvement of protein synthesis which in turn leads to more muscle mass in a completely natural way.

crazybulk dbal user

The results speak for themselves. Check them out here

Let’s take a closer look at the stages of D-Bal’s

1. It helps your muscles retain more nitrogen

Knowing the importance of protein for your muscles, we will mention something that is absolutely known. Without protein you can not develop your muscles. Nitrogen is what creates the state for the creation of more protein.

In other words D-Bal improves nitrogen retention which increases the absorption of larger amounts of protein from your body.

2. It promotes testosterone levels

Testosterone is the most important hormone for the creation of muscle mass. It is therefore natural to want to maintain or even increase testosterone levels to achieve increased muscle mass.

D-Bal achieves this action by using an effective ingredient and especially at ages where the amount of testosterone has a drop on its percentages.

DBAL – Advantages

The use of the D-Bal complement offers us a series of benefits (benefit) such as:

  • Improved level of muscle strength and endurance
  • Improved rates of nitrogen retention
  • Improved blood circulation to the muscles
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Quick results
  • No use of injections, taken orally
  • No prescription use
  • 100% legal
  • A legal alternative to anabolic steroids

Where to buy: Access the D-BAL website by clicking here.

D-Bal – Ingredients

D-Bal uses pharmaceutical quality ingredients, that is, high quality, and clinically tested.

1. Tribulius Terestris

It is considered the superior reinforcing ingredient. It is a plant and is used in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, and its action is to promote the production of testosterone.

2. Leucine

It is a potent amino acid, the most potent of the three amino acids found in the supplement. It activates the creation of new protein, which results in the improvement of protein synthesis.

The action of this amino acid is so strong that it can have effects in the creation of muscle mass even if the intake of protein ingested by food is low.

3. Isoleucine

It is the second most effective amino acid of complement, with regard to the creation of muscle mass. This amino acid is considered important in that its action is to increase the levels of nitrogen in the body.

It is ideal in its action when combined with leucine.

4. Valine

The third amino acid in the complement composition. A clear advantage of the supplement is the fact that all three amino acids that we mentioned as ingredients participate in its composition, ensuring increased levels of nitrogen while promoting the synthesis of proteins for the creation of even greater muscle mass.

5. Whey Protein

It is the protein that is produced from milk, contains all the important amino acids and has high levels of body absorption.

D-Bal – Side effects

D-Bal as a supplement that is composed of 100% natural ingredients has no side effects.

However, the increased production of testosterone can make you try some effects such as, increased libido, but that can be considered rather as an advantage.

Compared to the steroids with which it has corresponding effects it has no relationship and has none of their harmful and very dangerous side effects.

D-Bal – How to Use?

Dosage: 3 capsules daily

Capsules per bottle: 30

Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules with water about 45 minutes after the end of your exercise or workout.

For more effective use, continue to take the supplement for at least 2 months.

It is recalled that the best results are always obtained by choosing a diet or a careful diet, as well as by following a regular program of physical exercises.

Recommended period of use and recovery: Continue taking the supplement for 2 months as mentioned above and do not use the supplement for about 1.5 weeks before starting use again.

Something very important in the field of health is that it has no toxic effect on the liver or kidneys.

Finally there is no increase in blood pressure during use.

D-Bal – Purchase

The one bottle, with a content of 30 capsules, is available at the price of 49.95 Euros (Gain of 10 euros of the initial value of 59.95 euros).

By buying 2 bottles the price is 99.90 euros and you get a bottle of more ABSOLUTELY FREE. You receive three bottles that can cover your free-shipping-dbalmonthly program.

On every purchase you get absolutely FREE a set of 8 diet and exercise guides to help you achieve your goal a lot easier and painlessly while having the opportunity to plan your weight loss strategy the way you want. more scientific.

The guides also contain a food plan template on a weekly basis.

An important detail is that the company agrees within 60 days to return the product and refund your money, if you do not see the results of its action.

Delivery is FREE for all destinations.

Visit D-Bal official website—> D-Bal official website

Read our D-Bal review —-> D-Bal Review

Is this D-Bal safe?

Since the beginning of this article it has been reported that it is absolutely safe, since it is composed of 100% natural ingredients.

In addition it should be mentioned that no side effects have been reported so far during the use of the supplement.

The supplement is legal, safe and is one of the best alternative products to steroids.

This is self-evident and we have already mentioned it earlier in this article that the fact that it is an absolutely natural product does not have any adverse effects on the liver or kidneys.

It should be noted however that it would be good, before starting or before your decision to use it, to consult your personal physician, since each person reacts quite differently in different supplements.

Finally, if you are undergoing a particular treatment or encountering a particular medical problem, it would be best not to start using the supplement.


Q: Is it necessary to use the D-Bal supplement?

A: Taking a supplement does not mean I use pills to gain strength or because others are using it. Complements are usually your ally or better your assistant in this difficult endeavor in which you have been involved.

They reinforce certain situations in which the body does something but not enough. As in this particular case this supplement will give you a little more strength, strengthen your testosterone and help your muscles to grow faster and better.

It thus facilitates the process and at the same time by offering more it also protects your health.

Q: Does the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) control supplements?

A: This agency does not have the power to control natural preparations such as DBal if it is not a medicine.

However, it controls the process of its manufacture and place of manufacture (laboratories), as it is the case with the DBal complement.


approved-dbal (dianabol)

As seen from the data presented here Dbal is one of the most popular and safe alternative anabolic steroid products, if not the safest and most effective.

It reaches with its action all the results of an anabolic steroid, in this case Dianabol, with absolutely none of its side effects that really endanger your health and even your life in many cases.

A glance at what he offers you to remind you in more detail of the points of his action.

  • It offers lean muscle
  • A preparation based on amino acids
  • It increases your stamina and strength
  • It improves blood flow to the muscles
  • It does not bother you and is not a threat with many dangerous health effects

It gives you the right to return the product in 60 days and get your money back if you do not see the desired results.

I think that even the last risk, that of losing money for a supposedly useless product, is eliminated with the 60-DAY SILVER REPAYMENT GUARANTEE.

I think your smarter move would be, if you’re interested, to test it at least, and you too will become one of its fanatics as an official user.

D-BAL – Reviews (2018)

1. Product Overview D-Bal

The product with the code name D-Bal and full name DIANABOL, is a patented anabolic composition that is derived from methane and trendolone.

It is a fast-acting preparation, causes the development of an anabolic environment, aiming at the creation of muscle mass in a very short time, which builds confidence and strength.

Here it will be necessary to add that the use of this product also helps the retention of nitrogen, an ingredient which, in an increased quantity, improves the protein synthesis, making the period of exercise much more dynamic and explosive.

Let’s take a brief look at the sequence of action of this composition.

1st stage: Development of the anabolic environment

2nd stage: Increased synthesis of proteins – increased concentration of nitrogen

3rd stage: Increased muscle mass

Mode of operation and time and instructions

Mode of operation This composition has been prepared as a scientific copy of methane and trendolone and aims, as we have already mentioned, to the creation of a strong anabolic environment due to the increased synthesis of proteins.

The result is perceived with:

  • Immediate increase in energy levels
  • Improved resistance in the training period
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Increased physical strength

An added benefit is that since D-Bal is taken orally, it gives all the benefits of hormone injections, to the exclusion of the harmful and unintended negative side effects of injectable steroids.

  • Time of use The preparation is usually used when performing large training cycles, since we know, as we said, that it increases muscle mass.

When taken before starting the exercise, it assures you an increase in blood flow as well as the retention of nitrogen.

In this way our exercise becomes more effective and also since it does not have side effects it does not need estrogen conversion therapy, gynecomastia, acne or loss of a part of the scalp.

  • How to use Great attention to an important detail?

D-Bal does not have to be given by injection to be effective.

It is available as tablets in bottles of 90 tablets and is taken orally, three times a day, with your meals, even at times that you do not exercise or weightlifting.

During weightlifting workout periods it is good to take it 30-45 minutes after the end of the exercise period.

For best results it is recommended to use it for about 2 months and suspend for about 1.5 weeks.

As with other supplements taking this supplement also needs a good diet, which will be supplemented by regular and well-planned exercise cycles.

We recall that no matter what result we expect, it is always achieved with the combination of good nutrition and reasonable exercise in the gym.

D-Bal Benefits

The advantages of D-Bal are numerous and extremely important, as Direct action

  • Significant improvement in strength and physical strength
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Improved blood circulation and better channeling of the muscles
  • Efficiency of the qualitative muscle mass (due to a larger number of blood cells that carry oxygen and are directed muscles)
  • Increased motivation for performing the exercise period
  • It provides a higher level of concentration

In general, we could add that using this supplement, especially in large circles workouts, helps you train harder and longer.

Why choose the D-Bal?

In general, anyone who wants a significant change in physical appearance and an improvement in physical strength will have to choose to use the D-Bal.

This preparation is considered ideal for hard workouts and large circles.

In addition to all this, and since it is taken orally, it does not require needles and injections, with all the potential risks arising from their use.

In addition to these very important reasons for its selection, a series of other advantages such as:

  • No prescription is required for supplement administration
  • It does not cause unwanted side effects, like other steroids
  • The results of direct presence in the creation of quality muscle mass
  • Immediate appearance of results in the creation of muscle mass
  • It helps to increase levels of efficiency
  • It improves the image of the supplement very successful

Crazy Bulk D-BAL

The combination of this preparation with others to increase the results, is exclusively a personal matter of each athlete, with different results for each body.

Price and purchase D-Bal in France

It is available at a price of € 49.95 (you earn € 10), for each bottle of 90 tablets that covers you for a month.

Take advantage of the extremely attractive special offer of this period, by buying two bottles and taking 1 FREE

You can get it only through the website of the company that has the product on the market,

Does Crazy Bulk D-Bal are Available on GNC Store?

Yes , You can Easily Buy Crazy Bulk D-bal on GNC Store Just write on Google and Search Crazy Bulk D-Bal Gnc or D-bal Gnc you can find easily. Thanks!

The pros and cons of the supplement D-Bal

Let’s briefly recall the benefits of this truly ideal and effective supplement For:

  • Immediate and Fast Action
  • Increased Qualitative Muscle Mass
  • Better retention of nitrogen
  • Helps exercise motivation and self-concentration
  • Increased resistance and physical strength
  • Safe, without negative side effects
  • Non-injectable – Avoid risks with syringes and injections
  • Safe and legally registered
  • No prescription is required for its administration
  • Ideal for large exercise cycles
  • It is not toxic to the liver and kidneys
  • It does not increase blood pressure


No negative reviews have been reported about the product


What are Crazy Bulk Supplements?

Launched recently in the fitness and bodybuilding market, Crazy Bulk is a US based company that offers a variety of natural and legalized steroids as a safe and effective alternative to the use of anabolic steroids. The brand offers a wide range of products from fat burners (for cutting) to muscle growth supplements (bulking).

The use of anabolic steroids to gain muscle has been widely criticized because many of these illegal substances can cause adverse side effects and damage to health. That said, the key to the success of many of the world’s best bodybuilders came from the use of anabolic steroids. If you look at some of the most successful bodybuilders of our generation, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman, among others, everyone will admit to having used anabolic steroids at some point in their career.

If you are also thinking about using anabolic steroids, I advise you not to do it at all costs – it simply is not worth it. If you have tried a variety of different supplements to gain muscle and are looking for an alternative, CrazyBulk may be your best option.

With ten years of extensive research and development, the CrazyBulk scientific team has created a range of the best legal steroids currently available in the market. The use of legal steroids or alternatives to anabolic steroids if you prefer is a growing trend in the world of supplements, but before you buy, it is important that you select the right kind of product for your goals.


Are CrazyBulk supplements safe? 

If you are looking for the legitimacy of Crazy Bulk, we spend days working to investigate and research the ingredients used. The results of this research have shown that every ingredient within its product range is totally natural and designed to enhance your strength, support your muscle gains and also give you much higher endurance levels. In the vast majority of users Crazy Bulk products will not cause any side effects and if they do they are minimal effects.

Note – Always consult a health professional before taking any type of nutritional or sports supplement.”

Who can use CrazyBulk?

Firstly, the type of product you need will depend on your personal bodybuilding goals. Usually Crazy Bulk add-ons will benefit those who:

  • Are looking for an increase in muscle size and strength
  • They are looking to burn body fat and gradually increase metabolism
  • They are looking to increase the intensity of their training and sports activities
  • Looking for a supplement that helps you recover in less time

Crazy Bulk Gnc

Are Crazy Bulk Steroids available at Gnc, Walmart or Amazon?

Yes, You can easily buy Crazy bulk Products on Gnc, Walmart or Amazon.

Check Crazy Bulk Products Below

  • D-BAL Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • ANADROLE Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • TRENOROL Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • DECADURO Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • CLENBUTROL Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • ANVAROL Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • WINIDROL Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • HGH-X2 SOMATROPINNE Gnc, Walmart or Amazon
  • TESTOSTERONE MAX Gnc, Walmart or Amazon

Information and Product Range CrazyBulk

The CrazyBulk product range currently includes eleven supplements. Each of these supplements derive their name from popular anabolic steroids and serve a unique purpose. Below is a list of the best selling Crazy Bulk supplements, their origins and their purpose of bodybuilding.

Bulking – Supplements for Muscle Growth

Crazy Bulk D – BAL Gnc (Dianabol) – D BAL is the ideal supplement to increase muscle size, strength and concentration. One of the most popular steroids of all time, Dianabol has defined the history of many famous bodybuilders. D-BAL is the perfect choice for beginners who want great results.    

Crazy Bulk ANADROLE Gnc (Anadrol) – This supplement recreates the effects of a potent steroid called Anadrol and its main function is to push more oxygen into the muscles and thus increase their size. Many choose to take ANADROLE with D-BAL for even better purposes.    

Crazy Bulk Trenorol Gnc (Trenbolone) – Trenorol is a powerful testosterone booster and has its inspiration from the powerful steroid Trenbolone. Another great steroid for beginners, this product helps increase testosterone naturally for greater size and strength.    

Crazy Bulk DECADURO Gnc (Deca-Durabolin) – DECADURO is the alternative to the extremely popular Deca-Durabolin steroid that became famous in the 60’s. This steroid helps you gain muscle and improve your recovery time. It is very common to see DECADURO supplementing a supplementation of other more powerful supplements, such as D-BAL.

Cutting – Supplements to Burn Fat and Define Muscles

Crazy Bulk CLENBUTROL Gnc (Clenbuterol) – CLENBUTROL is an advanced weight loss steroid that supports extreme fat burning. This supplement works similarly to ephedrine and boosts your metabolism by stimulating your beta-2 receptors. CLENBUTROL has proven to be extremely effective when taken in conjunction with D-BAL and ANADROLE.

Crazy Bulk ANVAROL Gnc (Anavar / Lipidex) – Another powerful supplement that was designed to do one thing – burn body fat. Anavar is a steroid that promotes a leaner, more defined body that preserves muscle tissue. Being one of the most desired steroids on the market, its results really are very noticeable, especially when in a cutting cycle. ANVAROL is a perfect alternative for those who want to burn body fat and improve their muscle definition.

Crazy Bulk WINIDROL Gnc (Winstrol) – Another fantastic supplement for cutting and weight loss, WINIDROL is designed as an alternative to a multi-purpose steroid called Winstrol, one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids to shape your muscles and make them harder. Used by both men and women, this steroid is the perfect choice for a cutting cycle. WINIDROL works great when taken in conjunction with P-VAR.

HGH and Testosterone Boosters

Crazy Bulk HGH-X2 SOMATROPINNE Gnc (HGH) – HGH-X2 works by naturally increasing the production of human growth hormone (HGH) in your body. This is a great supplement to take in conjunction with other products of the range as it provides the muscles with essential amino acids which in turn help in recovering and repairing.

Crazy Bulk TESTOSTERONE MAX Gnc (Testosterone) – TESTOSTERONE MAX provides your body with huge amounts of testosterone naturally. Increased testosterone is the driving force behind muscle strength, size, potency and recovery time. One of the secrets of bodybuilding, this product uses the strength of a special plant called Tribulus Terrestris that unlocks the body’s testosterone production and promotes explosive strength and intense workouts.

If you are still considering which options to choose and are still undecided, most of our readers have purchased the products and we have had mixed feedback on which is the most effective, but in a general way all products have had very positive feedback.

Some recommendations:

If you are looking to increase the intensity of your workouts then it would probably be best to opt for a stack for the best results.

CrazyBulk has available 3 stacks, Bulking Stack, Cutting Stack and Ultimate Stack which is a unique opportunity to get a discount on products that will be used both during the bulking cycle as cutting.

A great option for someone who is starting in bodybuilding will be to combine three supplements, such as D-BAL, ANADROLE and CLENBUTROL. Through our own experience, combining these three supplements is more than enough to get very good results.

Note – It is advisable to follow the recommended dose on each product and if you have any side effects you should consult a doctor immediately.How long will it take until the results are visible? ”

It is important to remember that with any supplement you need to maintain a strict diet and a workout plan. If you just take a supplement and do nothing, the results will not show up.

But if you are following a correct plan the results are much faster with CrazyBulk – usually between 3-4 weeks

Several of our readers have reported that they have had excellent results combining CLENBUTROL (for definition and reduction of body fat) with two other supplements for muscle building – we recommend D-BAL and TESTO-MAX.

Tips for training plans while using Crazy Bulk

These twelve essential tips will help you get the most out of using CrazyBulk supplements:

Make sure you are getting enough rest – Keep your workout intense and make sure you are sleeping at least 8 hours a night.

Increase Weights You Lift – As you go through training, be sure to keep a daily record of your workout progress. Every time you go to the gym you should always try to lift more weight than the day before to go pulling your limits.

Avoid drinking alcohol – When you are taking any type of sports supplement, it is crucial to avoid drinking alcohol. It may seem like a daunting task, but it is essential to maintain your body’s ability to build muscles.

Stay hydrated – During the workout period you are likely to pull your body up to its physical endurance limits, which makes it crucial to stay hydrated. When lifting weights, you should aim to drink 3-4 liters of water per day. The body will not work to its best level if it is not hydrated.

Eat Protein – In addition to good supplementation and intense workouts, your muscles will never grow unless you eat enough protein. If you want big gains, you will have to eat 1g of protein for every 0.5 kg of body weight. We recommend MyProtein Impact Whey Protein.

Alternate your workouts – Are you always performing the same routine in the gym? This is not going to get you anywhere. Alternate the workouts and do different exercises every time to keep your body out of the comfort zone.

Body Weight Exercises – Want to see quick results? The best way to get them is by incorporating these core exercises into each workout: barbell, push-ups, deadlifts, and squats. These exercises give you more lean muscle mass than any other since they use every muscle in the body.

Eat Clean – Throw away all the cookies, chocolates and chips you have in the closet and begin to detoxify the body. Eating biscuits and cakes alone will ruin your efforts. Focus on a diet based on lean meats (chicken, turkey, …), vegetables and essential fats.

Be disciplined – Building muscle mass is not something that happens overnight. Although CrazyBulk supplements will help you, you’ll also need to stay focused on your workout plan, maintaining your diet, and making sure you’re taking the supplements daily as directed in the bottle instructions.

Train with a friend – Being constantly focused and maintaining a routine can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you have a busy schedule and / or busy lifestyle. Define a plan of action and try to go to the gym with a friend who has the same interests. That way it will be easier since they will pull each other through each training session.

Sleep well – It is important to remember that the greatest muscle growth happens when you are sleeping. Once you have pulled by your muscles in the gym, these need repair. This process happens when your body is at rest. Make sure you sleep at least eight hours every night.

Keep a daily plan – The main goal of bodybuilding is the progress of your body. With that in mind, make sure that you are keeping a daily record of all the exercises you do so that you can plan and adjust the weight you are lifting. If you are in a Bulking cycle this is particularly essential since as you become bigger and stronger, your body will need to lift ever higher weights to continue to progress. For this you have to keep a record of what you raised one day to be able to raise more (or at least try) the next day. Failure to do so may run the risk of reaching a plateau.

Where to buy Crazy Bulk in ?

Crazy Bulk supplements can only be purchased from the official website. Avoid buying elsewhere so you do not run the risk of ordering a counterfeit product that is bad for your health. 

The Crazy Bulk brand is recognized worldwide and there are several testimonials from actual customers available on the website, which demonstrates the fantastic results you can get with these supplements. 

It is also important to note that there is a fantastic offer available on the website – every time you buy 2 products you can receive a third (cheaper) free of charge. Remember to add 3 products to the cart for the offer to take effect!

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