Robert Downey Jr workout – Height, Weight, Age

Robert Downey Jr workout - Height, Weight, Age, Net worth

After a dark period, marked by serious problems of drug addiction and alcoholism, the American emerges. For Iron Man 3, he had to train hard and gain muscle without doing too much. Because Tony Stark is a billionaire playboy, a star, but by no means the son of the Incredible Hulk! Brad Bose, his coach, has opted for a functional training, designed to mobilize as many muscles as possible. Your body, your war machine!


Perform the following 3 exercises in circuit: repeat each of them for 30 seconds and then rest 2 minutes before starting a new series; your goal being to achieve 5.


Standing, feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, you must hold the sandbag with both hands in front of your chest, then throw it in front of you, in an explosive movement stretching out your arms.


Put a rope around a pole and keep the ends in hands. Feet pointing forward, spread shoulder width, knees slightly bent. Shake your right arm vigorously to create a wave that will spread in the rope and make the same movement, in stride, of the left arm. And continue, rhythmically. Arm work assured.


Wrap a rope around a pole, making two turns and making sure that one end is much longer. Sit in front of the pole and grab the short end with both hands. Then pull the rope, with one hand then the other, as if you wanted to make a pile behind you. Guaranteed cardio work.

Robert Downey Jr Height 1.74 m and Weight 170 pounds . Robert Downey Jr Age is 59 Years Old. Robert Downey Jr Net worth is $300 million. Robert has “Black” hair and eye color is “Brown”.